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Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate from ALETE is a high protein, low carbohydrate natural vanilla flavoured protein source.

Manufactured using a proprietary ion exchange ultra-filtration process that prevents denaturing and naturally results in the cleanest most effective whey protein available.

High Protein

31 grams of protein per scoop. Supports an increase in lean body mass in combination with exercise.

Low Carb

Made with stevia and monk fruit so it’s suitable for low carbohydrate diets

Grass Fed Milk

Manufactured using “Grass Fed” New Zealand milk

Great Taste

All natural vanilla flavour for a clean great taste.

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In one hour of intense training a person may expend 30% of their daily energy output. These workouts have important implications and requirements for energy fuel and water replacement.

AleteĀ® Natural Hydration is a great tasting and easy to digest fuel for competitive sport and training. During exercise, Alete delivers enhanced bioavailable ingredients. Three essential Electrolytes to help regulate the control of nerves, muscles, cognition, and the heart. Carbohydrates to fuel and replenish muscle glycogen and maintain blood glucose. Bioavailable Ginseng, Guarana, and Grapeseed polyphenols to help support body stress.
Formulated with Dr. Cathryn Zeglinski, MD – World Masters Mountain Bike Champion.
What Customers Are Saying

Alete has been my preferred oral hydration source in my quest for athletic excellence It tastes fresh and crisp with non of the overpowering sweetness of other drink Solutions Because it tastes great i remember to hydrate!"

Dr Cathryn ZeglinskiPhysician - Northlands Medical Clinic - Winner 2013 World Masters

The Glotman Simpson team started using Alete Natural Hydration drink in 2013. We immediately noticed the absence of the notorious 'gut rot' feeling of other products. It's easy to digest and huge hit among our riders. The best part, you can adjust your quantities based on the amount of carbs you want without sacrificing the taste. We couldn't be happier with the product and plan on continue using it to hydrate our entire team!

Rob SmithGSX Cycling Team