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ALETE SPORTS NUTRITION products are available at the following locations

IGA Market Place

Whistler, BC

Catalyst Kinetics

Burnaby, BC

Different BikesĀ 

West Vancouver, BC

Elevation Fitness

Surrey, BC

Pacific Multisport

Vancouver, BC


What customers are saying

BEST TASTING SPORTS DRINK EVER! Before using Alete my drink bottles where always half full at the end of long training rides and I would feel super dehydrated. Since I've been using Alete I always finish every last drop of my bottles which has stopped me from cramping and suffering from dehydration. It has a nice light and refreshing taste which makes it very easy to drink.

Trevor HopkinsMasters MTB and Road Racer

Alete has been my preferred oral hydration source in my quest for athletic excellence It tastes fresh and crisp with none of the overpowering sweetness of other drink Solutions Because it tastes great i remember to hydrate!

Dr. Cathryn ZeglinskiMD, Northlands Medical Clinic - Winner 2013 World Masters

GREAT HYDRATION DRINK! Being a hockey player or any other athlete Alete is the ideal sports hydration drink. The past weekend my hockey team benefited from it tremendously. We took Alete before during and after our games too help us stay hydrated and it worked In our favour. I highly recommended Alete for athletes everywhere.

John WesleyRichmond Sockeyes Hockey Club

GREAT PRODUCT! As a professional athlete, I try a lot of different products to help keep me hydrated. Once I tried ALETE i was hooked. It helps me stay hydrated which in turn keeps my energy levels up during my workouts and games!

Shane GloverMississippi Surge Defencemen - Biloxi, Mississippi

I first tried the drink mix this summer. The very first thing that hit me was how refreshing the taste was. The next was I wanted to drink this drink which is really good for me as I tend to forget to drink enough when training and racing. Add to this the natural ingredients, electrolytes some calories and protein. I have found my go to drink. Love it!

Tony RoutleyMasters MTB and Road Racer